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The concept of TTX Institute was created by a team of coaches and trainers led by Piotr Kociołek, the founder, business partner and executive coach of LHH DBM Poland (www.lhhpolska.pl). The TTX Institute is not only a new brand, but also a continuation of the best practices and achievements of the whole development team of DBM Poland. What distinguishes our programmes is a deep understanding of organizations during transition, as well as great respect for the personal career motives of the participants. The methods used by TTX Institutes coaches and trainers are widely appreciated by our clients. When working with a group, we use a fusion of simple and effective tools with our unique solutions while working with group. Our tools and methods highly differentiate us from others. We use a combination of our proven methods on a daily basis. These include: The Kolb cycle, team coaching, as well as the personal experiences of the participants (case studies).