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Developing talents within the organization

We recently summarised another talent program for one of our clients. It was for the automotive sector.

The participants were key employees of the company, as well as their managers (altogether over 30 people). As always, the program was a challenging one, as it encouraged the participants to take responsibility for their own development.

The thematic range of the workshops was highly focused on building the awareness of the participants’ strengths and development areas, as well as planning development goals and building their own image in the company. Once again, during the summary, we collected feedback from the members of the organization, such as “the program helped me to self-reflect. It allowed me to create and specify my career path”, and “it was a chance for everyone involved to manage the development of their professional career, and also function better in private life”. Moreover, for the managers, it was an excellent opportunity to train development work with talents.

Our client gained a lot of experience in the field of Talent Management. We are pleased that we could form a professional partnership for you on this road.